New Orleans (LA). Jonathan Ferrara Gallery.
Urban Realism: The Drawings of Outsider Artist Roy Ferdinand
June 5 – July 3, 1999.
Solo exhibition.

New Orleans (LA). Barrister’s Gallery.
In Your F***in’ Face, recent paintings by ROY FERDINAND.
February-March 15, 2002.
Solo exhibition.

Richmond (VA). Folk Art Society.
Folk Art Messenger Vol. 17, no. 3 (Spring 2005): [MINNIE EVANS].
Special issue Minnie Evans: A Sculptural Tribute to Minnie Evans by Virginia Wright-Frierson; Minnie Evans: Dreams in Color by Anne Brennan; Chronology of Minnie Evans by Anne Brennan. [Also includes obituaries on Hawkins Bolden and Roy Ferdinand.] 4to, wraps.


BALTIMORE (MD). American Museum of Visionary Art.
High on Life: Transcending Addiction
October 5, 2002 – September 1, 2003
Curator Tom Patterson brought together some 300 works by 100 self-taught artists from around the world who have struggled to overcome drug addiction. Included: Leroy Almon, Howard Finster, William S. Burroughs, Charles Stagg, Liz McGrath, Ann Grgich, Roy Ferdinand, Herbert Singleton, Welmon Sharlhorne, Raymond Materson, John Lawson, Christopher Moses, Alison Elizabeth Taylor, David Sandlin, Chris Mars, John Greco, Linda St. John, Alex Grey, William Allen, Lonney Holley, Mat James, Noel Rockmore, Purvis Young, Charles Benefiel, Pablo Amaringo, Alex Grey, Allyson Rymland Grey, Brion Gynsin, Phoenix & Arabeth, William Field, among others.

CHARLOTTESVILLE (VA). University of Virginia Art Museum.
Singular Visions: Folk Art from Charlottesville Collections.
October 5-December 2, 2001.
Group exhibition. Curated by Suzanne Foley. Included: Smokey Brown, William Dawson, Sam Doyle, Minnie Evans, Roy Ferdinand, Jr., Alyne Harris, Lonnie Holley, Robert Howell, Anderson Johnson, Sam McMillan, Elijah Pierce, Mary Proctor, Herbert Singleton, Jimmie Lee Sudduth, Mose Tolliver, Bill Traylor, and Purvis Young.

DALLAS (TX). Museum of African American Life and Culture.
The Souls of Black Folk: Selections of African American Folk Art from the Museum’s Permanent Collection.
November 28, 2004-ongoing.
Rotating exhibitions of the Museum’s permanent folk art collection which contains works by David Butler, Roy Ferdinand, Ralph Griffin, Alma Gunter, Bessie Harvey, Clementine Hunter, Rev. John L. Hunter, Reginald (Reggie) Mitchell, Deacon Eddie Moore, Sister Gertrude Morgan, Emma Lee Moss, J.B. Murry, Royal Robertson, Sulton Rogers, James (J.P.) Scott, Xmeah, ShaEla’ReEl, Herbert Singleton, Isaac Smith, Mary T. Smith, Jimmie Lee Sudduth, Johnnie Swearingen, James (Son) Thomas, Mose Tolliver, Henry Speller, Willard (The Texas Kid) Watson, George White, Chuck (Artist Chuckie) Williams, and many others. The collection includes over 500 works and a reference collection.

HAMPTON (VA). Hampton University.
The International Review of African American Art Vol. 11, no. 1: 20th Century African American Folk Art.
Texts include: “Contemporary African American Folk Art in America: An Overview” by Regenia Perry; “David Butler” by Samella Lewis; “Elijah Pierce: More Than A Preacher of Wood” by William E. Harris; “The Second Generation” by Regenia Perry; “Reverend Mary Le Ravin: Dwellings in the Boneyard” by J. Michael Walker; “Art of Henry Speller” by E. Laurie Russell and R. Raymond Allen. Artwork by: Henry Speller, David Butler, Johnny W. Banks, Reverend Mary Le Ravin, Minnie Evans, John Landry, Gertrude Morgan, William Edmondson, Horace Pippin, Leslie Bolling, Mose Tolliver, James Hampton, Herbert Singleton, William Dawson, James “Son Ford” Thomas, Nellie Mae Rowe, Roy Ferdinand, Mr. Imagination, Leslie J. Payne, David Philpot, Luster Willis, Clementine Hunter, John Landry, Elijah Pierce, Leroy Almon, Reverend Mary Le Ravin, Henry Speller. 4to, wraps.

Ten Southern Black Folk Artists.
(8 pp.) exhib. cat. Text by A.P. Antippas. Includes: Larry E. Bannock, Ralph Griffin, Roy Ferdinand, Jr., Ruth Mae McCrane, Herbert Singleton, Mary T. Smith, Jimmie Lee Sudduth, James “Son” Thomas, Mose Tolliver, Willie White. 8vo (22 cm.), wraps.

LOS ANGELES (CA). California African American Museum.
Soul Stirring: African American Self-Taught Artists From the South.
October 3, 2013- June 8, 2014.
Group exhibition of paintings, drawings and mixed media work by 8 African American artists. Curated by Gordon W. Bailey. Included: Leroy Almon, Sam Doyle, Roy Ferdinand, Clementine Hunter, Sister Gertrude Morgan, Nellie Mae Rowe, Herbert Singleton and Purvis Young. [Review: Christopher Knight, “‘Soul Stirring: African American Self-taught Artists from the South’ at CAAM,” Los Angeles Times, November 12, 2013.]

LOUISVILLE (KY). The Speed Museum of Art
A New World in My View: Gifts from Gordon W. Bailey
November 05, 2016 – February 05, 2017
Twenty-one artists, most African-American artists from the southern United States, made their debuts in the Speed Art Museum’s permanent collection, including Archie Byron, Charlie Lucas, David Choe, Eddit Arning, Henry Speller, Herbert Singleton, J.B. Murray, James Thomas, Jimmier Lee Sudduth, Joe Louis Light, Leroy Almon, Lonnie Holley, O.L. Samuels, Purvis Young, Roy Ferdinand, Sam Doyle, Sister Gertrude Morgan, Thornton Dial, Welmon Sharlehorne, Willie Birch, Willie White.

MIAMI (FL). Pérez Art Museum
What Carried Us Over: Gifts from Gordon W. Bailey
September 12, 2019 – Feb. 07, 2021
Twenty-eight artists include Albert Wagner, Clementine Hunter, Daniel Pressley, David Choe, Dilmus Hall, Eddie Arning, Harry Lieberman, Herbert Singleton, Jane Winkelman, Jimmie Lee Sudduth, Leroy Almon, Lonnie Holley, Mario Mesa, Minnie Evans, Mose Tolliver, O.L. Samuels, Purvis Young, Roy Ferdinand, Sam Doyle, Sister Gertrude Morgan, Sulton Rogers, Thornton Dial, Welmon Sharlhorne, William Dawson, Willie White

MARFA (TX). Marfa Ballroom.
The World According to New Orleans.
March 18-August 14, 2011.
Group exhibition. Curated by Dan Cameron.

Outsider Art of the South.
Atglen, PA: Schiffer Publishing, 1999.
240 pp., 444 color and 12 b&w illus., price guide, bibliog., index, exhibs. Discusses the lives and work of thirty-four self-taught artists, two folk art environments, and one museum. Includes: Rev. H. D. Dennis, Thornton Dial, Sr., William Edmondson, Roy Ferdinand Jr., Bessie Harvey, Lonnie Holley, Helen Lafrance, Ronald Lockett, Sister Gertrude Morgan, Prophet Royal Robertson, Sulton Rogers, O.L. Samuels, Lorenzo Scott, Bernice Sims, Herbert Singleton, Henry Speller, Vannoy Streeter, Jimmie Lee Sudduth, Reverend Johnnie Swearingen, Mose Tolliver, Rev. Albert Wagner, Purvis Young. 4to (11.1 x 8.5 in.), cloth.

NEW ORLEANS (LA). Barrister’s Gallery.
Exploring Assemblage in New Orleans.
April-May, 2001.
An exhibition curated by Christopher Fischer. Artists included: Ron Bechet, Willie Birch, Jeffrey Cook, Renée Stout, Roy Ferdinand and Clifton Webb.

NEW ORLEANS (LA). Barrister’s Gallery.
Not-Your-Mama’s-Jazz-Fest-Poster: History of the New Orleans Jazz Fest Poster.
March-April, 2004.
Group exhibition. Included: John Slade, John Lawson and Roy Ferdinand.

NEW ORLEANS (LA). Contemporary Arts Center, and other locations.
Prospect.1 New Orleans.
November 1, 2008-January 18, 2009.
408 pp. exhib. cat., illus. Texts by Barbara Bloemink, Lolis Elie, Claire Tancons, Dan Cameron. Blockbuster exhibition (the first New Orleans Biennial) exhibiting work of 82 local, national and international artists, the largest biennial of international contemporary art ever organized in the United States and without question the first such high-profile show to include almost 25% African and African American artists. Brilliantly envisioned and curated by Dan Cameron. Hosted by all of the city’s major institutions and at two dozen other sites throughout New Orleans. Artists included: El Anatsui, John Barnes, Jr., Sanford Biggers, Willie Birch, Mark Bradford, Rico Gatson, Trenton Doyle Hancock, Isaac Julien, Kalup Linzy, Dave McKenzie, Julie Mehretu, Zwelethu Mthethwa, Wangechi Mutu, Robin Rhode, Nadine Robinson, Malick Sidibé, Jacqueline Tarry, Pascale Marthine Tayou, Nari Ward, and a posthumous survey of work by Roy Ferdinand. [Reviews: Glenn Ligon, “Civic Engagement: To Miss New Orleans,” Artforum, January 1, 2009 (see separate description of this review under Ligon]; Steven Stern, Frieze 120, January-February 2009; long descriptive review; Natalie Sciortino-Rinehart, ArtPulse Magazine (]; and dozens more.] 4to, boards.

NEW YORK (NY). Nicole Klagsbrun Gallery.
February 16-March 17, 2007.
Group exhibition. Curated by Dan Cameron. Included: Roy Ferdinand, Jr.

NEW YORK (NY). Ronald Feldman Fine Arts.
Mixed Signals.
January 6-February 3, 2007.
Group exhibition of 18 artists. Included: Roy Ferdinand and Joseph Yoakum.

OXFORD (MS). University of Mississippi Museum of Art.
Our Faith Affirmed – Works from the collection of Gordon W. Bailey.
September 10, 2014-August 8, 2015.
Exhib. cat., color illus. Texts by David Houston, W. Ralph Eubanks, Jason “PyInfamous” Thompson, and hip-hop emcee and songwriter Sally McDonnell-Barksdale. Includes work by 27 African American Southern self-taught artists born between 1900 and 1959: Leroy Almon, Hawkins Bolden, Richard Burnside, Charles Butler, Archie Byron, Arthur Dial, Thornton Dial, Sr., Thornton Dial, Jr., Roy Ferdinand, Charles Gilliam, Ralph Griffin, Bessie Harvey, Lonnie Holley, Robert Howell, Edwin Jeffery, Jr., Joe Louis Light, Charlie Lucas, Sultan Rogers, O.L. Samuels, Welmon Sharlhorne, Henry Speller, Jimmie Lee Sudduth, James “Son” Thomas, Felix Virgous, Willie White, Luster Willis, and Purvis Young. [Review:

Contemporary American Folk Art: A Collectors Guide.
New York: Abbeville, 1996.
320 pp., index of artists, yard art sites, major museum collections, galleries. Includes nearly 80 African American artists: Jesse James Aaron, Leroy Almon, Zebedee B. Armstrong, Steve Ashby, Patsy Billups, Hawkins Bolden, Rudy Bostic, Herman Bridgers, Smoky Brown, Vernon Burwell, David Butler, Archie Byron, Henry Ray Clark, Ulysses S. Davis, William R. Dawson, Thornton Dial, Sr., Carl A. Dixon, Sam Doyle, William Edmondson, Minnie Evans, Rev. Josephus Farmer, Roy Ferdinand, Ray Hamilton, Bessie Harvey, Gerald Hawkes, William L. Hawkins, Lonnie Holley, Sylvanus Hudson, Clementine Hunter, Rev. John L. Hunter, Eddie Lee Kendrick, Leon J. Kennedy, Helen LaFrance, Mary Le Ravin, Joe Light, Charlie Lucas, Willie Massey, Jake McCord, Sam McMillan, Reggie Mitchell, Deacon Eddie Moore, Sister Gertrude Morgan, Mark Anthony Mulligan, David Philpot, Elijah Pierce, Roger Rice, Sultan Rogers, Nellie Mae Rowe, Ellis Ruley, O.L. Samuels, Lorenzo Scott, Herbert Singleton, Mary T. Smith, Isaac Smith, Jimmie Lee Sudduth, Rev. Johnnie Swearingen, Willie Tarver, Sarah Mary Taylor, James (Son Ford) Thomas, Rev. L. T. Thomas, Annie Tolliver, Mose Tolliver, Bill Traylor, Inez Nathaniel Walker, Hubert Walters, Gregory Warmack (Mr. Imagination), Willard Watson The Texas Kid, Willie White, Chuckie Williams, Lorraine Williams, Luster Willis, Wesley Willis, Joseph Yoakum, Purvis Young.